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Replacing Your Old Boston Recessed Lighting With New LED Recessed Lights


If you are planning to remodel your Boston home, replacing any old recessed lights with new LED recessed lighting will save you energy. They offer virtually no maintenance and come with many style options.

Recessed lighting is commonly installed new in many homes today. If you are building new construction, adding this lighting type to the project offers you a lot.

LED Recessed Lighting is great for providing additional light at the ceiling level without having an exposed fixture that stands out. They can blend into any decorative scheme easily and offer you options in dimmer switches for ease of control.

Whether you are remodeling or building a new Boston home, best of all is the energy efficiency you’ll achieve with new LED Recessed Lights.

Energy Savings With Recessed Lighting

An old incandescent recessed light generally consumes 40 watts of energy while the LED recessed lights of today offers as little as 9 watts of energy consumption. Yet with the new technology in LED’s, you get the same output of illumination.

The new LED recessed lights also last an impressive up to 17 years even if left on every day for eight hours. With recessed lights that are fitted into ceilings, this is a great advantage as changing bulbs can be difficult.

Retrofitting New LED Recessed Lighting

Your old Boston recessed lights will determine what size of new LED lighting you need. The old lights will be measured in diameter inches. They will be four, five, or six inches in diameter.

The housing for the old recessed lights, or the container that encompasses and holds the bulbs, will need to be replaced with an LED housing.

Choosing The Color Temperature Of Recessed Lighting

When you’re looking for the right LED recessed lighting replacement, you’ll need to know that there are cool or warm color temperatures.

This describes the measurement of light source color appearance. You’ll be choosing between a cool white glow or a warm white radiance. On the color wheel, warm colors are red, orange, and yellow while cool colors are blue, green, or purple.

This color appearance can affect the decorative colors of the home, so you may have certain preferences.

Where Can Recessed Lights Be Installed?

Recessed lighting is made for indoors or outdoors. You can install them anywhere you like. They can be installed as decorative features, safety features, or to illuminate a dark hallway at night. It’s up all to you!

MacEwan Electric has installed and replaced many Boston recessed lights with the new LED lights. We have seem them installed in various places in homes including:

  • Porch Ceilings
  • Deck Siding
  • Stairways
  • Kitchen Ceilings
  • Bathroom Ceilings
  • Closets
  • Retaining Walls
  • Over Sinks
  • Arranged Around Art

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