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Ever since Benjamin Franklin went outside with his kite during a thunderstorm, electricity has ruled the world. All you have to do to understand this is to remember what it was like the last time your power went out for an evening. Nothing worked. No computer, no refrigerator and Electricity runs everything important in our lives and when it malfunctions, somebody has to fix it, somebody who knows what they’re doing, that is. Electricity has the power to run things when it works smoothly, but, it can also burn things and kill people if misused. Of all the household accidents in this country, home electrical repairs ranks second in accidents right behind falling off ladders - only home electrical repair accidents are more deadly than falling off ladders.

Good Boston electricians are highly trained individuals with a lot of schooling and practical experience behind them. Before you go sticking your hand into a fuse box, or rewiring the house for power, you have to know a lot about electrical power – the way it moves, how it does what it does, the math and physics behind it and a lot of other things. Everybody feels like a bit of an electrician simply by changing that blown fuse or plugging things in just right or wiring up that complicated TV/VCR/DVD/stereo entertainment center you’ve just bought. You wire it up, plug it in and somehow it all works without any sparks or problems and you feel like you could have been an electrician if you’d really wanted to. Wrong. There is a world of difference between plugging things in and being an electrician.

To begin with the body of mathematics behind electrical work is impressive. Electricity is measured in volts and is a function of voltage, current and resistance - all factors with a complex mathematical relationship.


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"Mike and his buddy fixed an outlet timer that controls our outside main lights. He was a great communicator, reasonably priced, and very respectful to my home. They both put on footies over their boots during this snowy weather. I was impressed. The job was completed fast. They went right to work. Good job! Will call them again."

| Rated: 5/5

"Excellent service and very friendly. Called Mike on a Monday afternoon to have two plugs changed from two prong to three prong so I could install my AC unit so I didn't melt. Mike scheduled me for 9am the very next morning. Showed up on time, was very efficient, very friendly and even asked for a dust pan to sweep up some pieces of sheet rock that fell out during the switch. Very reasonably priced as well. I will absolutely be calling Mike for my next job and be recommending him to anyone looking for an electrician."

| Rated: 5/5

"The first time I contacted Mike via email with a list of projects I was looking to have done, he responded within 5 minutes. He then came the next morning, provided a very fair estimate, and began working the same day. He and Joe are great at what they do and have continually impressed me with their quick response time and efficient work on other projects I've needed done. I highly recommend them and will use them for any and all electrical needs I have in the future."

| Rated: 5/5

"Mike and his team were absolutely wonderful to work with on my first time renovation. Not only is he willing to do work in the city, but it's a huge part of his core business. He was always on time or early and prompt with sending quotes and communicating about my job. He installed ceiling lights in two rooms where I did not have overhead lighting with minimal drywall damage as well as split my bathroom switch to create seperate switches for the light and my bathroom fan. He cleaned up pretty well and did all this work at a very reasonable and competitive price (I spoke to multiple electricians). I will definitely be using him again!"

| Rated: 5/5

"I messaged Mike to diagnose my broken pendant light. We sent him a picture of the socket and perfectly enough, he was able to accommodate my request next day and brought the corresponding parts. He was able to fix it within 10 minutes. I really don't know electrician pricing so I can't comment on how reasonable the fix was, but he was fast and efficient. Will definitely call him again if I have any other electrical concerns."

| Rated: 5/5

"Mike installed an electrical outlet with a dedicated circuit breaker for the washer machine in our laundry room. He did a great job ! He was timely, professional, flexible, pleasant to talk to, and completed the job with a reasonable price. We will definitely call him again for future projects and recommend him to anyone who needs a good electrician."

| Rated: 5/5

"If you need a good electrician who's fast, priced to market, and professional, call mike. He runs his business well. He always calls back and arrives on time when scheduled. I'll use Mike for all my future projects."

| Rated: 5/5

"Timely, professional,flexible and fair. Came to do some work on a Saturday."

| Rated: 5/5


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