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Recessed Lighting Services for Your Boston Home

Boston recessed lighting

Whether you're building a new Boston home or renovating an old home, recessed lighting can be a key element in both the function and style of the space. It can highlight a single piece of art, a specific sitting area, or can be installed to light up a room the way chandelier lighting can't.

Unlike many other types of residential lighting, recessed lighting can be used to create drama in your Boston home. When lighting a three-dimensional object, such as a fireplace, sculpture or flower arrangement, it is more effective to light it from two or three different angles. Instead of boring cabinet lighting in your kitchen, install recessed light fixtures in the bottom of your cabinets. The light will wash your counter top with focused light. Be choosy when selecting the trim for your recessed lights. The trim makes a design statement and can help focus the light, as well as influence the quality and glare.


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